2013 Mitsubishi Lance Evolution X GSR

October 2013

I purchased my 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X from a guy on EvoM.  He had the car posted for a few weeks and wasn't getting a whole lot of serious interest. I had just sold my WRX and was in the market for an Evo.  The owner put together the following ad:

Up for sale is my immaculate 2013 Evo X with 5992 miles on it. (Car will go up a few miles a week since I drive it to class on Mondays and Wednesdays). The car has a matte vinyl wrap that was installed around 1000 miles. The paint underneath (originally wicked white) is absolutely in immaculate condition. The car has never been smoked, eaten, or even drank in. Car has never seen snow and has always been garaged. Car had an oil change at 500 miles, 1500 miles, and 4000 miles. Car has never seen the track or drag strip. Car has also NEVER been launched. Oil changes have been done by me, but other stuff like parts installs and tune were done by Devin at Boostin Performance. And general maintenance stuff I can't do myself such as tire rotation and alignment were done at a very reputable shop in Indiana.
The reason I'm selling the car is I just purchased a new car and need to sell this. The car has some well planned mods on. I'm not going to part it out since I don't trust any shop in Indiana to uninstall the mods, and with school I have no time to drive to Chicago. So what you see is what you get. Car is a GSR with SSS package.
Coltspeed Strut Bar
Coltspeed Hood Dampers
Tomei Titanium Upper Intercooler Pipe
Blitz Piping Stopper
Voltex Front Lip
Voltex Front Diffuser
Enkei RPF1 in Matte Bronze 18x10.5+15
RS-R Racing Tyres 265/35/18 (sized like 275/35/18)
Swift Spec-R Springs
Eibach Rear Sway Bar
Hotchkis Endlinks
Spoon Rigid Collars
ETS Intake
ETS o2 dump w/ Additional Bung
Depo Racing Testpipe
HKS Hi-Power Catback
AMS Race Front Motor Mount
AEM Boost Gauge
AEM Wideband
Grimmspeed 3 Port
Project Kics Lug Nuts
15% tint
Devin Tuned 323AWHP/315AWTQ at 97 Degrees
No test drives unless money in hand.
Will ship but buyer pays shipping and figures it all out.

I figured there wasn't any risk in just getting more info, so I reached out to the seller. He was polite, knowledgable, and motivated.  I couldn't have asked for more. Here is what it looked like when I took it back to Chicago. 

The first thing that I had to do was get some Rally Armor mud flaps onto the car.  The 10.5" RPF1s that were one the car had a high offset and sat outside of the fender well. Tires threw debris all over the car. 

After that was taken care of, we moved and the progress on the car stalled for a while. I sold off the RPF1s, and got some stock wheels. 

With the new wheels on, I made it through the winter without an accident. Next priority was getting the wrap off the car.  I liked the gray, but I wanted the Wicked White car, so we set aside a Sunday to start pulling everything off. 

April 2014

Once that was done, there remained of 2014 was pretty quiet. Especially since I took off the HKS Hi-Power Exhaust and replaced it with what is supposed to be the most quiet 3" exhaust on the market from Road Race Engineering. They told me that they don't sell a ton of them because not everyone is looking to be stealthy, and because shipping charges are crazy on a box that large. It didn't matter, the car was too loud for me. The picture here is what the sent to me of the unit installed on one of their cars.  I place the order shortly after.

Once installed, the car was much easier to live with.

July 2014

Between April and July, I made a really big decision.  I had heard about One Lap of America on the Smoking Tire podcast, and I knew that it was something that I absolutely had to do.  I asked my dad to join me, and handle the transit miles for the event.  We decided that their was a tremendous amount of work to do to prepare for the event, so 2016 One Lap of America was our target.  With that OneLapGSR was born.  Now we needed to start getting some support.

We were incredibly lucky to have South Bend Clutch so close to us back in Indiana.  I had been a customer of them already, and they were incredibly gracious getting us outfitted with the right clutch to handle all of the abuse of One Lap. We finally had some sponsorship!

After some thought, I decided on the right plate for the car.  I didn't spend all those years in evil graduate school to be called "mister".

August 2014

September 2014

My first HPDE, and my first trip to Mid-Ohio sports car course.  With this out of the way, I was hooked and we were taking an express pass toward a full build of our One Lap car.

November 2014

James Hodges and I had veteran's day off of work, so we decided to head down to Turn In Concepts in Cincy to do some baseline pulls on the Evos. Mine came in about 6% lower on their Dyno Dynamics when compared to when the car was tuned at Boostin Performance in Chicago. In the last few years, this dyno has gained a reputation, and is known as the #dreamcrusherdyno.

December 2014

This is when things really got started. Around the holidays, I purchased a 3.5" intercooler from ETS.  

May 2015

Shortly after, we added a set of 18x9.5 +15mm Enkei RPF1 wheels with 265/35/R18 Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec tires. That's Larry and Eva Young in the picture. They are our partners are St. James Boxing.  

I think that it looks pretty good. Nothing crazy, but a tried and true setup.  With the tires mounted, it was time to head to the track.  Running with AutoInterests, I was able to get into a 2 day HPDE at Gingerman. While I was there, I learned a very important lesson... Always carry spare brake pads. 

With the brakes worn down to the backing plate, it was time to upgrade the brakes in the car.  I called Girodisc, and established a relationship.  They were generous with their support, and we got some packages in the mail a few days later. What we got was a full set of Girodisc 2pc rotors, Raybestos ST43 pads, and Girodisc Ti shims.

June 2015

July 2015

I made it to an HPDE at NCM Motorsports Park.  The setup ran incredibly well during the 30 minute sessions, despite being nearly 100°F. During one, I had an instructor with me who was really impressed with the braking performance of the car.  My driving however, still needed some more work.

July 2015

In July, things got out of hand.  I was convinced that I was going to run a 12 second pass at Kil-Kare Raceway. My previous best was a 13.3s. On the 23rd, during a Thursday night Test and Tune, I went out and went for broke.  I ran a 12.9, but my clutch was gone by the end of the night.  I put the car up on jack stands, and started to make plans for the next phase of the build. Little did I know that the next phase was going to be almost 9 months long.