Day 1: Wet Skid Pad at Tire Rack HQ

All of the craziness that is One Lap of America met in South Bend to begin an amazing 7 day adventure.  For the first event, which was the wet skid pad, James took the wheel because he had done a similar event before.  What we learned though, is that this event is much more difficult than we initially expected.  We were humbled pretty quickly when both a Toyota Sienna minivan, and a stock Evo X crushed us.  There was plenty of time to think though, as we trekked from South Bend, to outside of Pittsburgh.  Fortunately, I think that all of us on the team agree that the track is our bread and butter. There is a lot of ground for us to make up this morning as we get started at Pitt Race. Finishing well today puts us at the front of the pack tomorrow at Palmer. That is important because the transit tomorrow night is a long one at 600+ miles.  Enjoy some pictures from our time at Tire Rack in South Bend.