"So you're not buying another Subaru?!?!"

I convinced the rest of my Subaru family that I wasn't buying another Subaru. This car was the only option for what I was looking to do. What that was, I didn't know. The only thing that I was for sure of was that I needed a car that could make 450whp RELIABLY! My wife asked me, "for what?" or "what are you going to do with that much power?" At the time, I didn't have the answer. It didn't matter because I got started anyway. 

The previous owner appreciated form over function. The car was equipped with outrageously wide 18x10.5" +15mm Enkei RPF1 wheels on 265/35R18 Federal RS-R tires. 

While the setup looked awesome, the car drove like crap on the highway. I needed a functional daily driver. Predictably, the tires had no grip in the temperatures consistent with a Chicago November. I broke all four tires loose on an on-ramp on the interstate at 60 mph. I knew the car didn't have that much torque. The wheels had to go. In the interim, I bought a set of Rally Armor mudflaps because I figured that they look great and at this tire width, will surely help save the paint on the car.

As soon as we moved into our place in Ohio, I started looking for wheels that I could drive on for the winter. Hooray for the forums! Though the market isn't as vast as what I had come to expect from the Subaru community, it did the job just fine. I was able to make it through the winter without wrapping the car around a telephone pole.

Eventually, spring arrived, and that is when things got really fun...